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complains when he does not get what he wants. he is far more mature than that. don't you think? well, we'll keep thinking about that. thank you for all of your comest from new yor liil: ahead of the c bother you mr. speaker for a little cash, say dollars 42 billion worth, the story how a new york governor tried to -- john boehner, i am neil cavuto, we may be on the brink but that does not mean cuomo still does not give washington to give up some bank. 42 needed millions dollars for hurricane sandy relief. similar requests likely coming from governors in new jersey and connecttcut.
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who all together want this all too dumbing figure in post hurricane help, a hundred billion bucks, i don't know if they get all of it, but i think they get most, here is why americans, have big hearts, folks need help. they need a lot, many still without power, and without homes and without patience or hope, something needs to be done. judging from the back slapping help politicians, the government is still the one to do it but is it? think about it. if the road to virtue were paved with billion dollar bills then everyone in washington would be the pope, news flash, they are not, they are not good as getting bang for their buck. think of all those gas taxes that were to pay for those bridges, or tolls of no bridges to pay for fixing those bridges,
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and highways. think about that social security lockbox. no box, no lock. and millions in lottery ticket to go to education to make our kids smarter, today, sadly, they are only getting dumber. while we open our hearts let's not lose our minds. the folks deserve better to be locked out of a lockbox, and to be taken by greedy politicians who find other uses on the backs of that. not fair, not right. not remotely the thing to do. to staten islander john d'backo who knows of what i speak. he took matters in his own hand with his brother and buddies, made things right, here is john on the phone with the story. you quickly seize the initiative and did a lot more on just a
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local level. than fema. >> well, neil, as you know my house was affected my family was, but after stabilizing our situation we took a look around two days later, and we saw a bunch of federal response, out there with clip boards taking notes but we did not see boots on the ground helping people. yes my brother derrick and a few of hour close friends got out there, and started up a volunteer 100% grassroots effort, mobilized within a day or two over a hundred volunteers, and at this point we probably taken in and fed thousands of people and clothed them, and now, about a month later, it is just about the time when we starting toosee the federal respond hit the ground. but, the response from day one, until now has been paltry, i think that community effort has proven to be a lot more
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effective than federal response. neil: john, your argument of local boots on the ground. and there is some wisdom in, that argument for large government entities coming in, they provide the heft. you need heft, do you agree? >> you need heft, but it seems like right on the ground in the middle of this disaster, we're still relying on a 1950's style military response. drop a whole load of bulk stuff in one main area, and hope someone gets it but when you have people in a flood zone with no cars, with no power, no cell phones and no way to get information, have you the bulk hefty loads of stiff sitting in central locations, that people just cannot get to. and you need the community organization to mobilize, go get it, and bring it to the community and start knocking on doors, that is what we've done at the guy and rescue center
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there is a couple other dozen organizations like ours, that have actually been the heart and soul of the distribution network that fed and clothes people up until now. to tell you, fema reps told me, we have people ringing doorbells they are not answers, i said they have no power, they are not hearing the doorbells, you have to knock on the door, and have a neighborhood present. neil: john tobacco thank you very much. >> you know if only we it ken fienberg in charge of doling out the money. he is the guy who helped with bp oil spill. and so much help, this stuff is not easy, it is not science. but ken tried it make it fair, and doubly shore that those who needed the money got the money. ken is joining me now on the phone. ken, here is what worries me
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with money that governor cuomo is asking for, and governor christie of new jersey is figure for, they will likely get it, but there is no guarantee that folks who need it will get it. >> you have to make sure that money doled out goes to the right people in a tamely fashion -- timely fashion, the way that programs work, as you know, from covering 9/11 and bp. fast, without restricttion and used to ground the way it is supposed to be used. if there are administrative prove lem, then they have to be more efficient. it is that simple. neil: but it seems to be for others who tried to do, what you dwell, that well is a long lag. for those affected, without a house, a few weeks is a long
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lag, in the scheme of things it may not be. but in this case, it seems that fema was a dollar late and a day short, then some. my only fear, is that giving such entities more power and money may compound this. >> i think that is right, don't forget now, and john knows this, in any hurricane, tornado, earthquake, any natural disaster, the great bulk of the funds comes from private chunks, in individual cases where the individual homeowner or commercial establishment submits the claim to a private insurers and gets reimmursed. fema comes in with community wide help, roads, bridge, basic foodstuffs. if it is not working right it has to be corrected it that simple. but don't forget. in almost all natural disaster
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in this country it is the private insurance industry that steps up as first line of defense. neil: it might be, but after katrina we learned that 140 million of up front federal money given, i don't know what happened to the other 100. maybe it did go out to other areas, and structures -- but that is the wrap against the large sums, you subscribe to 10% loss and abuse of moneys, contractor rule. then by thatting thamath, a gool will never reach the intended folks. >> you are right, the answer is two-fold, you are not throwing out the baby with the bag water. you -- bath water, you need fema and government assistance for a mass disaster on the other hand there has to --
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>> money directly to people rather than an intermediary. >> i think you are right, it is an administrative issue, it is how you administer akin program like this. we, at bp got it out fast and right with minimum overhead, that is what ought to be done in a case like this. neil: you have to make tough judgment calls, right, in the case of you, 9/11 that a broker who died on 9/11, his potential earnings going forward, what we could have made had he lived will be higher, than cruelly or not a fireman, you have to entertain those type of nitty-gritty money issues, do we do that in these kind of cases? or just treat everyone equally? >> i think it will community wide. in 9/11 you will recall, neil, i had to deal with individual
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claimants seeking compensation inn instead of filing a lawsuit. against the airlines or world trade center. here, fema, does not provide that type of individual managed assistance, as john points out. it is designed to help communities. and community wide relief. and again, if you are not administering it the way it ought to be you need to make improvements but you need those programs. neil: it is across the board equally distributed, it is not a tier system regardless of private insurance if you have a nicer home closer to water versus someone who has not as nice a home further from the water, how does the government treat it when it parcels it out. >> i don't think that government treats that kind. i don't think that fema is interested in reimbursing private homeowners, they are making sure that roads to that homer open, sewage lines and
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bridges are fixed. neil: if the private insurer say there is little we can do, read the fine print, get over it it is not fema's job to make whole or right. >> that is right, then there is guys like mr. tabacco who come with local people, community, friends, neighbors, they step up and step into the void that provide that help, this is a perfect example of americans stepping forward to help americans. neil: there are good cases of that and good cases of what you have done when tracking money, there is no shortage of big american hearts, but they never think with their head. remember the benefiting of tellathons for haiti, after the earthquake, and so many more, and more to come, we just dole out the cash, how much do you think can seize the right folks? >> i would not begin to guess on
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that. i like the idea that you are expressing, american people in times of tragedy, step up, and help. and i think this is the american part of the american character. neil: it is but stepping up a don't want to be taken advantage of, i want to make sure that my money is going to help those people. >> that is where oversight and better administration come in. neil: do you thig tie that too dispursement of these funds. >> in absolutely. neil: can i put new charm of that. >> you are a good man, neil. neil: ken fienberg, always a pleasure thank you very much. from the dogged ken to well dogs. is that a cocker spaniel in your cubical or is dr. john o'hurley just happy you brought the pooch in. man is better off when man's
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best friend goes to work with man. and man oh, man. we're the ones that end up getting stuck in the rough.
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>> if republicans would like to go beyond these reforms, and do it differently, they should tell us how they' to do it. >> i looked at him, i said you can't be serious. >> why does that make sense. >> president and white house have three weeks, and this is the best we got? neil: someone, someone needs to feel the love. because right now, all i am seeing is they continue to go for the jugular. maybe they should just chew on some dinner together. friendly like. to relationship expert dr. wendy
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walsh who said we could do worse. judging by hapless arguing we are. doctor a very good point. i believe you go outdo dinner, in most cases after a while you relax, and cooler heads or more drunken ones prevail, which i prefer, but what do you see happening or not. >> i like to seiz to -- think oo guys as an aranged marriage, i think they have to think about the children of there marriage like the country, the people before they could think about their individual needs. and yes, dinner would be great, a beer would be great, get together to have emthese and compassion for teach other would be a great way. neil: you know some people are just an social. we -- anti-social, we have a number of inpr introverts who we president. that is not to say they didn't like people, they just didn't
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like being with people. and so it is hard for types like that to do what ronald reagan and tip o'neill did in 80s, you know, speaker, would come to white house and over drinks and dinner they would split their differences and what have you. same with ronald reagan, paying his visit to capitol hill. why do we not see that any more? is it two sides or environment is so hardened? >> i think so. i also think that personality of these two men would not be best described as anti-social they to. but we're seeing this weird culture of bipartisan, you know we were supposed to put it away after the elect, and think about what is best of the country. i think they are staaing separate, they should be eating at the same table now. neil: they are not doing that. there is so much you could dodo with a serogate, and say surprise it seems to me, dr.,
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doctor when ronald reagan heard things come up out of capitol hill, or tip o'neill he brought him over to the white house, said how can we compromise on this his famous line, i would rather get 80% of a loaf or no loaf at all, we don't see it, it is either my way or the highway, and i blame motorcycl both side. >> i do too, you said the word, compromise that is what works in great marriaging and even politics. meet in the middle. neil: why not have it at the white house? i think that white house, if you do something in private residence is a big deal, that tells you, you are so important to had the, he is inviting you to his intersasandusky tum --
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>> i love that, did you see lincoln yet, live that movie there is a lot going on in the white house. >> they can't afford to be too nice, all of the eating out, maybe a drink or a beer, does not -- each side is afraid of making himself look weak? >> yeah that is the problem, they are worried about their base. neil: yeah. i mean i would -- i think that movies is a great equallizer too. >> don't they have a bowling alley in there, i would like to see them bowling together. neil: i don't like to bowl, i almost took someone out behind me, a let go of the ball. anyway. doctor thank you. >> good to see you. neil: a lot two what you say, just break bread, thank you, doctor. >> thank you. neil: what if i told you that
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must-have christmas gift you have to get is stuck on a chip. it is true, the union strike that will scare you shipless.
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neil: you know, seeing this girl in a seaworld of hurt. >> i'm out of fish. neil: wow, i bet that 8-year-old will not be back to seaworld any time soon. but if her parents have anything to do with it she will soon own seaworld soon, i digress. >> coming up, john oh o'hurley
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saids why we can learna that that. little girl is okay. >> but first port workers striking in los angeles and long beach california for 7 days in a row, costing the economy a billion bucks a day, some cool gadgets have you been wanting for christmas they may not make it off of the ships in time. on whether the unions might be going overboard. what is going on here? and what do you see happening? >> i don't know what is going on with unions over the holidays, but i tell you after thanksgiving, and bakers union killed the twinkie. and snarled traffic at lax the day before thanksgiving, now uscw on walmart, now, that was thanksgiving, now this christmas you have the longshoremen's union, thaclerical workers going
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on strike, and shuts down two of the busiestports in the country. neil: there are many beefs they have. but to bring people up to speed, is that among their beefs is this issue of replacing worker loss go terp nate or -- terminate or retired. that is common practice where your colleague goes you pick up their work as you know. for example i am doing work of 17 anchors myself. but in all -- >> you always do a fantastic job. neil: i like to tell my that but it has notes remated to management. >> but, you know, what is interesting is that, whatever your views to this subject, bottom line it those item are still stuck on those ships. and they are not getting off those ships any time soon. even if they settle tomorrow, it will be delayed getting the boats? >> right, this is going to snarl shipping for the next couple weeks, luckily shipping at a low
8:27 pm
point. >> but you have to step back, and you have to love this, not talking about bigger benefits, not talking about higher wages issue these workers make there $16,000 a -- $160,000 a year, management offered to increase that $190,000 a year. neil: some are, some are not, i think that basic issue for a lot of folks is that time of year, why condition you settle your -- why can't you settle your differences, and wrap against unions is they those this time of year to have that big impact. >> a lot of goods are already in stores this is a slower time of the year. neil: i don't know, in this age, just in time delivery you know, where they don't stock a lot on their shelves to save money. they just hope that it keeping flowing and they their is no need to stock a lot of stuff,
8:28 pm
but if it is stuck on the ship, they could get burned. >> that is right, manufacturers, like you talk bthey are probably the worse sufferers of this. neil: that was extent of my just in time knowledge. but -- thank you very much. >> mine too. neil: all right, you are much more modest events ent -- vinces stuff. neil: great scott, great brita britain.
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neil: well, it is america versus mother country against this time no muss cet, u.k. sides u.s. companies like microsoft, and
8:32 pm
amazon, and starbucks of dodging taxes in the u.k., but all 4 companies are saying what they are doing is legal, and by british financial law, went their rights it is british government's fault for not closing the hoop holes that many of the companies are taking full advantage of. good to have you. >> thank you. neil: what do you make of this? >> put it this contact, for the moment, britain. david cameron came into power. neil: they are sweating a lot. >> they instigated deficit reduction it has been tough times, britain with a double dip recession this year, so, it is all about shared sacrifice, everyone from the queen, doing their bit. neil: does the queen sacrifice? >> she seen as not taking -- but
8:33 pm
all about everybody on the budget. then you have starbucks that found out, you can't move the starbucks in britain, taking away a lot of traditional british tea shops have you starbucks. it has moved in over a third of coffee shops are starbucks. past 14 years starbucks paid lesser than 1% in corporate tax rates. neil: in britain. is it legal? >> it is legal, but the loopholes have to close, to be fair to starbucks, they realized this is p, suicide, they said we do need to pay more, it will be interesting whether google and amazon will follow. neil: i am not a fan of any company that is charges $7 for a cup of coffee. it has to be made out of gold. then you could not drink it i am wondering.
8:34 pm
it seems to me, there is a disproportionate emphasis on raising taxes, the rate they brought to $55, they over did the fees, and charges and excise tax, now it is like they are hunting for change under the mattress? >> as far as corporate tax rates, britain is very reasonable, it has gotten lowest in the world. neil: they want to raise them. >> no going down to 23%. neil: close the loopholes. >> here, that. and however, yes, taxes did go up about a 4 to 1 ratio, things have been wrong in britain. neil: why are they in the else they are -- picking they are in then. >> many people say -- too many cuts too soon on the expenditure side that killed the growth in
8:35 pm
britain. neil: i think you hike taxes on people, not more quickly puts a chill on things. >> we can agree to disagree on that. neil: no, that might work with imus not with me, all seriousness, why do you see this ending up, remember they went after microsoft in france that was a bigger case. but, i am thinking this more threatening to american companies, this is england saying, we're targeting just you. >> no, britain actually has chairmanship of g-8 next year. at end of day u.s. government, a trillion dollars in revenue, so they will look at loopholes in u.s., and internationally. neil: they will want to first cut loopholes there that would make it less attractive, if you are barack obama you should be rooting for this. that means less attractive for those company to do over there and stay here.
8:36 pm
>> u.k. prospects should be subject to u.k. corporate tax. neil: should you pair spending in other areas to adjust. >> spending is very much down in the u.k. that is the problem, that is the argument shared sacrifice. neil: what about the princess? >> i told jonathan hunt last week that i thought kate middleton is pregnant, i am pleased to be right. neil: she has very bad morning sickness. >> which is why it was revealed early, it was revealed 12 weeks, it is to be expected. the role of the roll wife to provide an heir and a spare immediately. neil: dogs teach a lesson about living, they don't know the
8:37 pm
future, they have forgotten the pass, they are tree t free to ls straight in the eye, but is that any reason to bring them to work? former "seinfeld" star's choice to bridg bring canines to work. . which is why we are proud to parer with health care professionals who understand the differenc that quality me with our members can make... that's a very nice cake! ohh! [ giggles ] [ male announcer ] humana thanks the physicians, nurses, hospitals, pharmacists who helped us achieve the highest average star rating among national medicare companies... and become the first and only national medicare advantage company to achieve a 5-star rating for a medicare plan... your efforts result in the quality of care and service we're able to provide...
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which means better health outcomes... and more quality time to share with the ones who matter most. i love you, grandma! [ male announcer ] humana. ♪
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>> can i help you? >> i'm out of fish. >> woe, woe. >> did you see that, i think we have replayed it 5,000 times? anyway, not really a pool of blood but that sea word visitor not getting the welcome she might have expected, to the "seinfeld" star, john o'hurley. saying she might be better off getting a dog. i hear your voice everywhere. >> i am lucky enough. i have a 6-year-old too, i have
8:41 pm
been doing as much as i can in children's program. neil: watch this show? >> he is a big neil cavuto fan, at 6 years old you have cornered that market. neil: hurtful. your take on this, is that, we could do worse than bring our dogs to work. >> if i said to cavuto enterprises i have a way for you to create a better work environment with happier employees and healthier employees and improve their employment and benefit did not cost you anything, you would say that is interesting, the proof is in the numbers allow people to bring their pets to work. it has worked for purina. they make pet nutrition. >> they don't make food for us. >> they have dog breaks, they
8:42 pm
can take them out, normal way you take a break. neil: focus on work. >> i disagree, if you went out there and you watch 2000 people come in to the building at purina and 150 dogs or plus brought in that day, you walk around, i spent about 3 days there filming, i came up with the idea for them, i said, it one of the most enjoyable placing to be in corporate america, and numbers prove me out in st. louis, that purina has been named 4 years in the row best place to work, they retain their -- >> the-- >> how do you know? you your little darling may be someone else's pain in the butt. >> you don't bridge your dog to work unless you are willing to sign a form. so anyway.
8:43 pm
neil: that says what? >> you assume responsibility for the dog. and the dog's actions. neil: but if i say, john, do have you that report for me yet, no i'm just with my little -- >> that is not -- more often than not, if you walk into anybody's office there, fido is sleeping in the corner, but, they are there, it creates a different work environment. people don't have that brittle edge that you have. if i had a dog -- >> your dogs are privately wined and dined. but, can you imagine how loud it is. >> i go back to concept of dogs, are not born with oh, bead yen degree -- oh oh, bead yen degre, there is no such thing as a bad dog there are bad owners. neil: you met a dog did you not like? about yes. neil: if your cubical mate took
8:44 pm
it to work. >> the dog stays conditios conde cube call -- stays within the cubical. and there is a working environment and rules for working environment, where if that dog on a distraction there. they are healthier, people are healthier, they lose fewer workdays because when -- listen when dog gets sick, you go to vet rather than work, that studies have shown that. neil: i don't get you. i don't know. but. >> proof is in relative large numbers. so, pur purina is doing a natioe search for most pet-friendly businesses, a contest, where they search between now and middle of january, you can go to, submit your story
8:45 pm
with photos and supporting evidence, they will do a $10,000 give away to a pet shelter in the name of the business, and purina pet-friendly products for the business, it is wonderful, only because i have seen it, when i hosted to tell the truth, for 3 years we allowed dogs and children back stage for celebrity panel. it was greatest working environment even someone like you would have enjoyed it. neil: if i had my children here? -- >> that is different. >> they are violent animals. >> that is different. neil: you are still doing great. printing money. >> it going well, i keep chicago in the belt, i am going back a nice tour with that with contribute cristkristybrinkley. neil: this is still a family show. john thank you very much. a decent article in world of
8:46 pm
entertainment there are a few. anyway, three more -- why so many companies are hiking their defdent so -- dividend so fast. for you. plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone likes 50% more... [ midwestern/chicago accent ] cheddar! yeah! 50 percent more [yodeling] yodel-ay-ee-oo. 50% more flash. [ southern accent ] 50 percent more taters. that's where tots come from. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on every purchase us a 50% annual bonus on the cash you earn. it'she card for people who like more cash. 50% more spy stuff. what's in your wallet? this car is too small.
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>> a lot of the total return of the stock market is dividends it value is cut in half because of tax increase that is an impact on value of the stark it, if stock market value is cut in half that is affecting the we'll of americans and -- wealth of americans and their ability to retire. neil: economist ben stein. today, 4 more companies
8:50 pm
announcing special defdents they brace for what is cautioned tax ageddon, one ising oing oracle. to money managers, jonnthan you say nothing short of a financial slap in the face. >> a direct pass on wealth creation. we assume that is what everyone wants is more wealth created, as ben stein pointed out, that is a direct assault on that. so many companies declaring a special dividend, companies care about their money, and customers do -- investors do too. it will be redistributed to washington and burned at the same time. neil: they are taking the money right now and running in case of oracle you can almost see how much is means to larry, if is
8:51 pm
gets to 40 plus% percent he will take that money and get it now cheaper. >> i think what is mised there is no real place where you can get decent income right now, you can't buy bonds, you get 1 or 2%, you can't put in in the bank, coming back to something businesses those who make 300,000, i extended a conference, they put cars, and trucks on the road, education to be technology people, they 56 pick water leaks, if they have extra income they can get from star stock ma, they will buy another truck and fix more water leaks, if you don't need food or energy, you don't have to worry about water, but most people do need food and
8:52 pm
energy, you take water, you are depleting our source of water quite literally, and making it very difficult, there are people, that will directly be affected in the sense, people that bottom 20%, that have high school education that will not get a chance to be educated, and learn a technical still. neil: jonathan to those who invest, how would they be burned by this. >> they are all going to be burned. i think that president would have you believe investors, those who investor all you know scrooge mcducks just swimming in their big ballroom full of gold, it is contrary, people who saved all their lives. and put yourself in shoes of an older couple, they have saved all their lives, they have already paid taxes, they are just trying to get by, and they will see their taxes rise from 15 to 44%, that is a tremendous slap in the face to people who
8:53 pm
saved and tried to repair for their old age. neil: you know, it -- it is so self defeating, darn it. this guy wants to help the downtrodden, he is hurts them, this means less people will get a chance to get an education in technical skills, where they could really move up the income ladder this makes no sense even from obama's point of view, i am attacking him from the left, where sh he should be attacked. neil: thank you so much from new york. now matter how many times the coyote tumbled to his death chasing the road runner he always came back for the next fight, ron. great wisdom there. more such wisdom, next.
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8:57 pm
>> finally i am told during the spanish and position those given then death-penalty could pick hanged gerber net the state. you could be sliced apart with a sharp knife or ripped apart with four strong horses. looking at the choices washington faces in four weeks, i know which is worse the cockamamie stuff they are coming up with? is no deal better than no
8:58 pm
deal? is a raising taxes lowering the bar? a lot if you are not so sure. one viewer rates if you really give the inquiry he will leave the middle-class alone? what a joke. >> let them raise taxes and see how many hollywood democrats back the next election cycle. >> we would do with the cliff 2009 now we're grabbing them by the hand. brace for the impact. which is better for the future? go over the cliff? >> you hit the nail on the head. it is a bad choice risk armageddon now or later? if it is a bad deal it does
8:59 pm
not matter this year or next year it will cost over many years. so eager to avoid a cliff we do nothing to address that created the cliff. stimulus that did not work and did not pan out. so we feed the beast. more taxes and precious little to show with spending. the does not ignore the fact we have more of a cliff that is what is at issue. my fear is rushing toward the wrong deal. on creating more revenue for the government than ever remotely taming of its size. that is why we will still get downgraded. credit ratings

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